Faunia paw

A fast paced match-3 puzzle game that requires quick thinking and even quicker fingers.


Sing-a-long with cute animated charactes. Featuring the most popular Indonesian and English children songs.


A puzzle platformer with unique mechanics set in the world of Vandaria.


A learning revolution! This immersive RPG will help you learn chemistry without even looking at a textbook. – Co-developed with Ace Edventure.

Jump! Paca Paca!

Save the OCD Alpacas from the hungry wolves. Collect various Alpacas and built your farm while you're at it. A fun casual game that tests your brain's dexterity.

About Artoncode

As the name implies we believe that video game is a product where art is imprinted on top of the coding line. Artoncode combines the best talents of both artists and developers to create phenomenal games that can inspire the society.